At Agape services, we partner institutions and charities in providing free workshops in basic floral arrangement, art, as well as other skill-based trainings.

Each guided lesson aims to benefit participants by building up their confidence and provide a platform for job opportunities in respective industries.



Serving people with sensory and developmental disabilities, we partner SPD in providing project opportunities that contributes to their work therapy & training. 

Association for Persons with Special Needs

We work with APSN offering work contracts and short term projects contributing to empowering the lives of people with special needs cultivating for an inclusive society

Anglican Family Shelter

Agape Services has enabled single women and mothers under the care of Anglican Family Centre to secure part-time and full-time employment. This has helped them to achieve financial independence and stability.

The New Charis Mission

Our partnership with New Charis Mission (a Residential Rehabilitation Centre for ex-offender and ex-drug addicts) in the area of Cleaning, Moving, Disposal and Reinstatement has provided job opportunity and work therapy to many of their residents.

Watchman Home

We partner with Watchmen Home engaging their people in Cleaning, Moving, & Disposal services providing job opportunities and training.

Breakthrough Missions

​At Breakthrough Missions, residents learn new skills and work ethics through our social enterprise projects.

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In partnership with Habitat for Humanity Singapore, we've also provided free art workshops for clients at the following Institutions and Charities:

Care Corner Senior Activity Centers

Ling Kwang Home for the Elderly

Evergreen Circle Senior Activity Center

H.O.M.E (Abused Maids)

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