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Agape Services, established by the Far East Organization’s Agape Business Group, is a social enterprise offering services such as cleaning services, laundry, painting works as well as moving and disposal.  It also aims to provide meaningful employment and benefits to people with disadvantaged background, as a demonstration of the love and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Image by Ian Schneider
Work Station

At Agape Services, we have a vision that this business model can be replicated in countries beyond Singapore, bringing about a new chapter in social entrepreneurship to the benefit of disadvantaged people in Singapore and beyond. You can play an important role in making this a reality by engaging our services from us.


We strive to be a reliable and trusted partner to our customers and to provide our colleagues with a truly supportive and rewarding work experience.

Apart from high quality products and services, we will provide our customers the added knowledge that by engaging us, they are contributing to the well-being of society to Inspire Better Lives. 

Image by Alex Shute
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